Thursday, July 19, 2012


Oh wow! It certainly has been a while since the last post... I haven't forgotten about sewing and crocheting completely though but it seems like I haven't really been able to finish much - or just forgot to take pics and post. Oops! Well here is a quick update just to keep this blog rolling at least a bit. It is inexcusable to leave it idle for this long!!

First a sample of a tea cup cosy I crocheted; I actually made two and gave them to my Mother-in-Law. She can now enjoy her morning cuppa with hands warm in the freezing south west :) I also started experimenting with some cute little baby booties. These ones have already been put in the post for someone special.

In the next picture I have the same baby booties with some dummy holders. They are a nice quick project and can be turned into mitten holders as well. Two of these have left the nest already, one is reserved for Popeye.

And last but not least a blanket I started to crochet for Popeye. I think at the moment it is about three times the size of what it is in the picture. I got so excited when I started making this that I crocheted until I had RSI in my right wrist! That meant a compulsory crocheting pause and it took me a while before I started with these African Flower Hexagons again. The blanket has been with us to Monkey Mia and a part of it has been crocheted sitting on a blanket with emus walking around us while we were spotting dolphins in the ocean. Nice memories :)

I will update you more on Popeye's blanket once I get more done and a new picture taken. I also have a cross stitch project half way done, will have to show you that as well! Unfortunately I don't have any of the project patterns linked here yet, I will do that later on once I have the details at hand.

Hopefully it will not take this long until the next post. I will have to get some things done before Popeye decides to come into this world, no time for extra curricular activities after that I guess!! Oh and I have to show you the baby quilt I have started to sew him as well.

Until then!