Monday, March 17, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - week 11

This week I managed to crochet two squares which complete the third row of my blanket. Or complete at least so far; I'm beginning to think I might have to make the blanket a bit wider but that remains to be seen later during the year.

The first square was inspired by Sarah Wilson's new book I Quit Sugar for Life which I bought and already love although I had only started to look through the recipes at this point. My favorite quote in the book is "You can't unlearn this", meaning once you learn about what sugar (or fructose) does to our bodies and health you will always remember that which makes it easier to choose healthier alternatives.

The second square, yellow and white, is for all the inspiration that has been buzzing in my head this week. I've been inspired by all these beautiful crochet blanket projects, pixel blankets especially. This has lead to me starting yet another blanket although I have several in progress. This week alone I have worked on three different ones!

Above the yarn for my first pixel blanket and below some ideas for the second one. Yarn for the second one is still at the shop, this is just for inspiration and to consider. I'm not giving myself permission to buy before the first blanket is ready!

Friday, March 14, 2014

FMS Photo a day challenge

I've decided to move my #fmsphotoaday photos to Instagram from now on. I don't think they quite fit in this blog and also they flood the page with daily updates. If you would like to follow my daily (most of the time anyway) photos, please look up #strawbsinscarbs on Instagram.

Have a happy weekend everybody!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - week 10

Black & white. The week was a bit like that mood wise unfortunately. I also felt like making some pretty purple squares and a pretty & bright flower square. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Internet. We finally got a proper internet connection and a WIFI modem at home. Bye bye mobile internet!

Crochet Mood Blanket - week 9

This is my crochet mood blanket so far. Despite it being quiet here on the blog I have kept up my crocheting - at least with this blanket!

Week 4: Second row, second from the right - four small squares in Aussie colours for Australia Day.
Week 5: Two big squares - pink & multi-color blue and greens.
Week 6: Four small dark grey squares with crosses in the middle - because we needed to take the little man to the hospital this week to get some fluids into him.
Week 7: Big multi-color square in bright happy colors for visiting a friend and a splash of pink for Valentine's Day. Also the four small beige/brown squares just because I felt like testing that color scheme out!
Week 8: Big square at the start of the third row. Colors inspired by The Block and the twins' hotel room artwork. I would have used light/mid grey on the walls, lots of white and light colored timber furniture (birch) and splashes of green. A pretty scandi palette with the green accent color inspired by new birch leaves.
Week 9: Four mini squares in bright colors - Spotlight had a good special on for 100% wool and I bought  lots of bright colors.

Now I'm working on some black & white squares. Let's see how they turn out - stay tuned! 

Monday, March 3, 2014


These are the snaps I took in February when I remembered but didn't have the time to update on the blog.

32/365 - YOU
You as in my family. On the beach one beautiful morning.

Beautiful Moomin tea from Finland. I believe this one was the last one...

36/365 - SQUARE
Chocolate squares I made. I adapted the recipe to be a bit more healthy by using whole meal flour and replacing all refined sugar - result not so nice. Decision: this is best made with the original recipe and consumed responsibly!

39/365 - WATER
My favorite water; lemon flavored and sparkling.

41/365 - I AM...
...a toddler owner.

Photo a day - LAST OF JANUARY

As I explained earlier, February has been my holiday month from the Photo a Day Challenge. I also noticed that I had missed a couple of photos from the last days of January. Here they are now!

29/365 - WINDOW
Playing in the backyard with Popeye and bubbles. The window shows in the bubble as a reflection.

Picture borrowed from my blog boab dreaming. The best invention ever is to store your leafy and other greens in a wet tea towel in the fridge. Read about my experiments in here!

31/365 - POLKA DOT
Lovely markets on the beach in Scarborough.

The February random pics will be updated a bit later.