Friday, January 3, 2014

WIP finished - Baby Socks

My first WIP for the year has been finished! Yay! I got these socks for Finn done and he's already running slipping around wearing them. I like the socks, just the knitting and running both colours at the back all the time made the knitting a bit slower than usual. These socks are made from pure wool so they will be comfortable to use all year round. I think they will even be used now in summer since the nights and early mornings have been a bit chilly. What's better than an early morning trip to the beach when your toes are nice and toasty? :)

Below the text for these socks when they were still a WIP.

{WIP Baby Socks} These have been on the needles since July 2013. That would have been an appropriate time to finish them as well and not in summer like I'm now planning to... Anyway, I started knitting these socks with just one colour but from somewhere I got the idea to add the green as well (or I didn't have enough of the blue in my stash; can't remember!). So they became a bit more complicated project to finish as I haven't knotted that much with several colours and it slows me down lots. However I am now determined to finish these and there will be a post of the socks soon! {WIP Baby Socks}

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