Monday, March 3, 2014

Back from the dead...

It's been dead over here lately and I apologise for that. Mainly to myself since I really wanted to keep this blog going and regularly updated. That would give me a sense of accomplishment and assurance that I can keep doing something for a long time. Not just get excited, start and then forget about it.

Reason for this silence is two-fold; firstly our little man was sick for about 2 weeks in February and took all my attention and energy. Secondly my mobile plan can't handle all the traffic it was getting with almost daily updates and I was running out of data constantly. Now Popeye is well again and we are getting a proper broadband in the house, so I can continue posting easily. Yay!

I decided that February can be my holiday month from the Photo a Day Challenge and that I will start again in March. I will post a few random photos for February that were taken but never made it to the blog. The first pics for March will be updated in a bit :) 

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