Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - week 9

This is my crochet mood blanket so far. Despite it being quiet here on the blog I have kept up my crocheting - at least with this blanket!

Week 4: Second row, second from the right - four small squares in Aussie colours for Australia Day.
Week 5: Two big squares - pink & multi-color blue and greens.
Week 6: Four small dark grey squares with crosses in the middle - because we needed to take the little man to the hospital this week to get some fluids into him.
Week 7: Big multi-color square in bright happy colors for visiting a friend and a splash of pink for Valentine's Day. Also the four small beige/brown squares just because I felt like testing that color scheme out!
Week 8: Big square at the start of the third row. Colors inspired by The Block and the twins' hotel room artwork. I would have used light/mid grey on the walls, lots of white and light colored timber furniture (birch) and splashes of green. A pretty scandi palette with the green accent color inspired by new birch leaves.
Week 9: Four mini squares in bright colors - Spotlight had a good special on for 100% wool and I bought  lots of bright colors.

Now I'm working on some black & white squares. Let's see how they turn out - stay tuned! 

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